The Main Uses Of Hospital Curtains

by | Aug 4, 2014 | Windows Treatment

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One common facet of medical facilities is hospital curtains. Wherever you visit, wherever you get an examination, and if you happen to be in a ward, you will find them there. Although gone are the days when they were consistently drab, colorless pieces of fabric, even those bland and easily forgotten pieces of cloth served their use. Through the centuries, medical facilities have hung up pieces of materiel – hospital curtains, to achieve specific results. Hospital curtains, also known as hospital drapes or cubical curtains, cubicle curtains or privacy curtains have, as a result, served many purposes over the decades.


One of the biggest issues facing people placed in wards occupied by so many others is privacy. Even if you are in a semi-private room or ward, you cannot seem to escape the people and their visitors. Very few people want to be stared at when they are hardly at their best. With a flick of the wrist and a pull of the hospital curtains, you achieve some privacy. You may not be able to completely shut out the noise and the rest of the ward, but you can at least tone it down a little and not have to watch other people interact unless you really want to.

Privacy curtains also act to allow your doctor some one-on-one time with you. It provides him or her the chance to interact and relate with you. The nurse, too can spend some time with you without everyone on the ward being aware of what is going on behind the hospital curtains. This allows you and the medical profession the chance to perform certain acts from a sponge bath to a shot of medication in privacy.

The ability to create a private room inexpensively is applicable to almost anyplace. If a room is not available for any reason, a doctor or other medical professional can curtain off a room. This allows the privacy to give a patient a shot or examination that would otherwise not be possible or not occur as quickly.

Provide Darkness

Some people are sensitive to light. Certain types of hospital curtains are designed to block out the light from entering the specific patient’s area. This will protect their skin, eyes or other sensitive parts from being negatively affected by the sun’s rays. At the same time, these curtains can provide complete darkness for those patients who need it to obtain sleep.

The Protective Aspects of Hospital Curtains

Today’s hospital curtains are not simply fabric. They are treated to be both fire retardant and some even anti bacterial. This provides them with the ability to protect the people they surround from airborne health problems. It decreases the risk from becoming ill from something another patient has.

Hospital curtains are a major player in the fight to preserve the dignity of patients. They supply them with a manufactured space where privacy is possible. Such curtains also help prevent the spread of disease and provide seclusion. This makes them a necessary piece of “equipment” for any medical facility worldwide. For more details, visit

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