The Most Common Items To Warrant Professional Electric Heater Repair In Naples FL

In areas where the weather doesn’t become bitterly cold during winter months, the use of an electric heater is often more practical than installing an efficient heat pump system. Most electric heaters are based on simple technology and are designed to provide years of use without requiring expensive repairs. Despite their reliability, there are still times when the components of a system malfunction, and require professional Electric Heater Repair in Naples FL to ensure it may be used safely and when needed.

Thermostat Malfunction

The thermostat of a heating system is what monitors the room temperature and signals the system to operate when it drops below a pre-set threshold. If the thermostat becomes uncalibrated or the connections inside become loose, it may prevent the system from running automatically. The system may be operable through a manual setting, but it is essential to have the device repaired to avoid safety issues and excessive use.

Limited Heat Output

When a furnace operates, it should supply hot air to each of the vents in a structure, but if the amount of air that is fed into a home seems dramatically lower, it could be due to numerous issues. Be sure to inspect the filter and ensure that it is not clogged and preventing the flow of air. If there are no visible issues present, then it is best to contact a professional, as they will have the tools to pinpoint the cause of the problem and repair it once and for all.

Unusual Noises During Operation

Though a furnace does create white noise as air is moved throughout the ductwork system, no other sounds should be present when a furnace is operating. If a homeowner notices loud whining or grinding sounds, they should turn the system off immediately. Contact a company that provides Electric Heater Repair in Naples FL, and let them determine if the issue is related to a worn belt or motor, or due to another problem that makes the operation of the unit unsafe.

An electric heater is a viable option in areas where the external temperature does not drastically drop during winter weather. The team at Bode’s Electric & Plumbing Inc. offers repair services on nearly any brand or make, and has been serving customers in the Naples area for more than 50 years. Call today to learn more and schedule a repair appointment. Follow us on Twitter.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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