The Options and How Home Automation Improves and Changes Homes

by | Feb 3, 2014 | Electronics and Electrical

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Home Automation is the process of giving a house, condo or apartment a technological upgrade. This process includes options providing the ultimate piece of mind with customized control of a home and all it contains from a user-friendly interface. The Stereoshop Inc. offers these services and an efficient climate control. The systems designed are uniquely personalized allowing its users to manage their homes, as if there themselves, from anywhere around the globe using a computer or smart phone.

Varieties of touch-screen control systems offer displays with additional and useful information. Touch panels include traffic information, HVAC controls, weather forecast and conditions. This technology is the very thing making it possible to control the climate of a home, turn lights on or off and so on while the owners away from home. The Home Automation team collaborates with the most powerful companies in this industry insuring their ability for continued growth and development in the market.

The extended list of ultimate pleasures the stereoshop offers are; house audio, an aesthetic wall mounted keypad, strategically placed and disguised speakers that waft hi-fi music throughout the entire home. This type of systems generally only found in very high-end homes and yet this company makes it possible for anyone to do so with their existing sound systems, their additional touches all at a reasonable cost.

A central vacuum system is appealing for the convenience of having a vacuum in every room without dragging a sweeper from room to room. This is a useful automated feature added to any home. The advantages of a central vacuum are; savings, eliminating replacement sweepers, no filters and replacement cost, longevity of parts, large trash capacity, dust and allergens do not re-circulate triggering allergies, benefiting health, no cords, bulk or weight to pull. These systems are powerful easily outperforming the average sweeper.

Surveillance systems, ISF calibration and home theaters are other specialties available. State of the art visual and audio systems are included for the ultimate in home theater installations. This company prides themselves on bringing together a talented team satisfying their customers. They customize every detail for those who want a designer’s touch leaving nothing to question.


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