The Process Of Using A Stud Welder Gun

A portable CD (Capacitor Discharge) stud welding machine is a simple, easy and effective way to quickly attach fastener in a wide variety of different types of jobs. These are often used in attaching insulation to sheet metal in HVAC system or construction. It can also be used in fabrication, manufacturing, and general production settings.

The use of the CD stud welder gun is not at all complicated. In fact, the operator will not require extensive training or even an understanding of welding principles, particularly if you choose one of the new types of systems on the market.

These modern types of stud welder gun models have easy to read system indicator lights, automatic shutdown, microprocessors to manage the entire process and a very simple setup procedure to get started.

The Process of Capacitor Discharge Welding

While the process happens incredibly fast, there are four different stages or steps that happen to create the weld. In some applications, the full cycle can occur in as little as 0.01 seconds. With this very fast weld, there is limited heat buildup in the base metal, leaving very limited if any discoloration or burning on the surface. There is also no distortion or marring of the other side, which makes this ideal for aesthetic reasons as well.

The four steps include contact, ignition, placement and completion of the weld. The contact is completed when the stud (fastener) is held against the metal using the gun. The trigger of the gun sends a charge through the fastener to the metal, which is the ignition. A very small area of the tip of the stud and the metal underneath melts with this charge. At the same time, the gun forces the stud down to contact the metal, providing the placement.

Finally, the stud welder gun is removed from the stud. The stud is fully welded in place with a solid weld that is designed to hold. Almost immediately, the gun is ready to use again, making this an extremely user-friendly weld option.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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