The Safest Way to Perform Document Shredding in Los Angeles

Unfortunately, it is not illegal for outsiders to intentionally rummage through a garbage can to obtain sensitive data a company has thrown out. When this occurs, the company is putting themselves, their employees and their customers at risk. Proper disposal of sensitive information is only achieved when no information can be extracted from the materials after disposal. When a business has set a policy that requires the shredding of all their confidential documents or other materials that contain confidential data, it may seem they are providing a courtesy service and engaging in good business practices. Although companies typically feel obligated to protect their customers and employees personal information, for certain companies they are required by law to dispose of this information properly.

When a business needs Document Shredding in Los Angeles to not only comply with the law but also to make certain their business retains a reputation for safeguarding all aspects of their customers information, Shred Confidential can provide all the shredding services a company needs safely. They shred paper documents, credit cards, cell phones, floppy disks, x-rays, circuit boards, hard drives, and any other devices that hold information that needs to be eliminated. They are a mobile shredding company that provides the safest shredding system for optimal protection. Although companies often work hard to develop a system that is foolproof for document shredding, a person must be present to perform the task. This is the point at which confidential materials can be compromised.

Shred Confidential eliminates any breeches in security measures for document shredding. They strategically place their security bins at their customer’s locations and their client care specialist’s take the materials off-site and shred the documents safely. This eliminates the need to expose employees to the materials right before they are shredded and client care specialists do not view the documents either. Shred Confidential offers their services to companies who typically shred large amount of materials or small amounts as well. They also offer off-site shredding services for a reduced price.

In addition to state-of-the art shredding equipment, Shred Confidential offers competitive prices that are determined by the level of shredding services for each business. They submit a shredding certificate to identify the particular bins serviced and the client care specialist assigned to the job. Once the job is complete, they e-mail a detailed invoice to the company’s contact person. Document Shredding in Los Angeles is efficient and safe with Shred Confidential.

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