The Various Aspects of Surround Sound Mixing

Today, more televisions and other monitors are equipped with capabilities to broadcast surround sound audio and more people use surround sound systems in their homes. This provides viewers with a more theater-like experience. Whether you are making your own movie or you are looking to enhance your home videos or other videos you already own, you need the help of a studio that performs creative surround sound mixing to change the way you view these videos. There are some basic principles used in creating surround sound.


The location at which the sound is generated is extremely important when it comes to surround sound. Where the sound comes from plays a vital role in how the listener hears it. As long as your hearing is up to par, you may notice you can identify where the sound is coming from. This is why the location of the sound in the speakers is essential to creating the same effect in a movie or video. If something is coming from the left, a majority of that sound needs to come from the left speaker.


The speed at which a sound hits each ear also has a major impact on how the listener hears the sound. This makes it another important element in surround sound mixing. This can be a tricky aspect when it comes to transferring typical sound into surround sound because the sound speed can be difficult to control. However, as long as the viewer has a surround sound speaker system, you can control from which speaker the sound emits, helping it reach the ear at the proper time.


If you are going to make a realistic surround sound feel, you may also need to alter the volume at which various sounds play. A quieter sound will give the illusion of being further away, while a louder sound is perceived as being nearer. For instance, if the video features an approaching train, the foreground noise should be louder at first with the train being quieter. The two sounds will gradually switch roles, as well as directions, to signify the approaching train.

When you combine these three aspects of surround sound mixing, you will create a more realistic sound to your videos. Each of these aspects plays a vital role in how the mind interprets what it hears while watching the video. If you have a video with which you would like to achieve this type of sound, it can often be best to rely on the professionals who are experienced in creating this unique sound.


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