Things a Locksmith Service in Fullerton CA Can Do

Many people think of locksmiths if they are locked out of a house. However, there are several other things a locksmith service in Fullerton CA can do to help people. If it involves keys, locks, or doors a locksmith can help.

What Is a Locksmith?

A locksmith is a professional who has received specialized training in locks and keys. Locksmiths can cut keys, repair keys and locks, unlock doors, open safes, open car doors, and cut and program some new car keys.

What Can a Locksmith Do?

Locksmiths can handle a variety of different tasks.

  • Lock Popping: Locksmiths are the professionals to call when locked out of an automobile. They can “pop” the lock on a car door, letting the owner back into the vehicle.
  • Lock Picking: Locked out of a home or business? A locksmith can pick a lock and get access to the building, as well as create a key or replace a lock to ensure continued future access.
  • Lock Installation/Changing: Need new locks? A locksmith can remove old locks and install new ones in their place.
  • Rekey Locks: Securing a property may not require putting in new locks. Locksmiths can rekey locks, which means changing their tumblers to fit different keys. This results in the same security as a new lock, but without the expense of purchasing new hardware.
  • Program Car Keys: Locksmiths can cut keys, even electronic keys, and program them to most vehicles. However, there are some vehicles that may require visiting the dealership.
  • Fix Broken Locks: If a lock is broken, a locksmith may be able to repair it. One of the most common problems that people encounter is a key broken in a lock. Locksmiths can remove broken keys and restore the lock to working order.
  • Duplicate Keys: A locksmith can cut keys using an existing key as a pattern. Also, locksmiths can create keys for locks using the information on the lock combined with special information from the lock provider.
  • Home Security: Many locksmiths also handle home security installations. This may include cameras, alarms, and door sensors.

Find Out More

Not sure a locksmith can help? Contact us to find out if a Locksmith Service in Fullerton CA is the right professional for the problem. Some problems require specialists, so if a general locksmith cannot help, they can help with locating a specialist.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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