Things Diamond Buyers in New York Look At In Regards to Your Diamond Jewelry

The need for extra cash often outweighs the sentimental value of jewelry pieces. Unfortunately, it is often the sentimental value that drives up expectations when selling jewelry. You can avoid these unrealistic expectations if you know what buyers look at when you sell your diamond jewelry. They have a certain set of criteria they have to consider to determine the actual value of the piece.

One of the big factors the Diamond Buyers in New York look at is the weight of the diamond. The weight is referred to in carats. Obviously, a bigger carat count means a higher price. You should know the weight of the diamonds in your jewelry, so you are more realistic about the amount of cash you will get from the piece. Weight can be verified before you sell, if you are unsure of or forget the diamond’s weight. This weight excludes the mountings and other elements of the piece.

Another thing looked at very closely is the clarity of the diamond. This is often more difficult determine. You really need to get a professional to look at this aspect. Clarity is determined by how many flaws the diamond has. The impurities in diamonds are seen as off-color or cloudy points. A very clear diamond will generate a higher sales price than one with numerous flaws hidden inside.

The color is also something Diamond Buyers in New York look at. There are many trends happening in diamond colors. While the standard clear diamonds are still popular, other colors are gaining in popularity as well. For example, the chocolate diamond is currently trendy. Like other things, you do get more from the trendy items than from the unpopular ones. The cut of the diamond is also going to be evaluated against the trends.

There are many aspects a diamond buyer considers when determining the value of a piece of diamond jewelry. Unfortunately, many people think the sentimental value is also something the buyers consider, and that sets them up for a huge disappointment when they do sell it. Simply keep in mind the price you are offered will be based only on the physical features of the piece.

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