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Many people today think that lead based paint and lead contaminants are a thing of the past. Contrary to what you may have been told the threat of lead is still present today. Many older model homes, schools, and places of business still contain some form of lead. The reason for this is lack of awareness for some and negligence for others. If you are a homeowner or business owner who has a building that is more than 20 years old, it may be a safe decision to simply have your building check for lead. If you are uncertain if you have this problem you can hire a local lead removal Columbus OH company or contractor to come out and assess the situation for you.

If it is determined that you do have a lead issue they will begin an abatement process to completely remove it. The process will include finding the affected area, removing it, treating it, and disposing of the harmful materials. Many people are reluctant to have their buildings tested for fear of cost or simply not believing they have the problem. However, when you learn of the many risks that can come from undetected lead you will more than likely change your mind. Lead can affect different people in different ways. Some of the harmful effects for short term exposure can be vomiting, convulsions, comas, diarrhea, and in rare cases even death. If there has been exposure for a while it can lead to learning and behavioral issues for children and even issues with unborn children in pregnant women. As you can see the risks are high and therefore you should hire a company to conduct lead removal Columbus OH area.

The Environmental Protection Agency has created rules and regulations that all lead removal companies and contractors must follow. They break down the required training and certifications that you’re chosen contractor or company should posses. They have mapped out these rules and regulations as a way to protect homeowners and business owners from the further affects that could come from improper lead removal services. You need to make sure that prior to hiring anyone that you visit the EPA website and review the rules and regulations for yourself. This way when you begin your search for lead removal Columbus OH companies, you are fully aware of what they should have.

The government recommends that you hire a lead removal Columbus OH company or contractor that has successfully completed all of the requirements. If they have done this they will be allowed to register with the EPA. Ask your ideal company or contractor if they have registered with the EPA prior to signing any agreements. Since lead can travel in many different forms you really need to make sure that you will be covered. If you choose someone who is unaware of what they’re doing you could end up causing a lot more complications for yourself than you can deal with. Visit the Environmental Protection Agency’s website for up to date information on lead removal in your area.


Lead Removal

Lead Removal


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