Three Reasons to Seek a Professional Athletic Chiropractor in Lexington, KY

Those who are athletic put much more strain and tension on their bodies than those who are not. The constant running, jumping, twisting, turning and other physical activities can often lead to muscle aches, sprains, misalignment, and more. During these times, it is important for athletes to seek attention from a professional. A Professional Athletic Chiropractor in Lexington KY, can assess their injuries and get them back to good health. Here are three reasons to seek help from a professional.

Basic Sports Injury

Whether someone is a professional or amateur athlete, they will normally end up with at least a basic sports injury at some point. A sprained ankle, strained muscle, or broken bone are some of the most common injuries. Working with a chiropractor, the athlete can have these injuries healed properly and quickly. They want the injury taken care of as soon as possible so they can return to the sports they love.


Anyone looking to train for a race, sports season, or other events should first visit an athletic chiropractor. The chiropractor can perform an assessment to ensure the athlete’s body is perfectly aligned and in good physical condition to be able to begin training. It would also be wise to see the chiropractor once training is complete, before their season or event begins.

Improving Performance

In order to improve their performance, many athletes decide to talk to a professional. The body is not the only thing that a chiropractor helps. By receiving a realignment, or even just a simple massage, it can drastically improve mental performance. While an individual may have once been tired and unfocused, they will now have better nerve flow that allows them to think clearly. Receiving chiropractic treatment on a regular basis will ensure they are performing at their peak.

A professional athletic chiropractor knows an athlete’s body well and can help treat injuries and improve performance better than anyone. They have the knowledge and experience to help any athlete get back into good shape for their next game or competition. Anyone currently in need of an athletic chiropractor can seek the help of Dr. Clay Elswick.

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