Tips for Purchasing the Best Home Security Doors

The majority of home burglars will enter a home by simply kicking in the front or the back door. Of all the available locations to enter a home, the doors are the areas that are most vulnerable to a break in. This is why it is essential that you find the very best home security doors to protect your home and your family. Some of the features of a quality home security door include:

* The steel stripping that is behind the interior molding in the actual wooden door frame.

* Solid metal or wood doors for each entrance.

* Four screw strike plate that uses three inch screws.

* Integration of a heavy duty deadbolt lock that features a one-inch bolt.

* A secondary locking device for all of the sliding glass doors.

Steel Stripping

A burglar will be able to easily kick in any type of hallow wood door; however, this is the type of door that is found in the majority of homes. Additionally, the majority of exterior doors will rest on a type of one inch pine frame that sits behind the interior molding. Essentially, this frame is all that stands between your home and a potential burglar. This is why the first step in securing your home should be to install strips of steel behind the door frame’s interior molding. When installed it will prevent the door frame from snapping when a burglar attempts to kick it in.

Solid Doors

The next step is to ensure that the entrances to your home are impenetrable by installing solid metal or wood doors. These are much heavier options and will be much more difficult to break than the standard hollow options.

Quality Strike Plate

The strike plate is typically the weakest part of a door. Choosing a heavy duty strike plate, along with a one-inch dead bold will provide superior reinforcement from would-be burglars.

Additional Locking Devices

While protecting the main entrance is essential, you need to also add additional layers of protection for entrance doors with windows and sliding glass doors. Using a through the door pin, which extends into the frame of the sliding glass door, and upper track screws, will usually be what is necessary to prevent the door from being compromised.

There are a number of Security Doors in Tucson AZ that will provide you with the security necessary to protect from a potential home break-in, giving you peace of mind that you, your family and your belongings are safe.

Find a large selection of Security Doors Tucson AZ from a reputable company, such as Able Fence LLC, and enjoy the peace of mind that goes along with a safe home.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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