Tips for Safe Moving & Storage in Washington, DC

If a customer plans to put belongings into storage, it’s important to prepare before calling for Moving & Storage in Washington DC. With the right plan, a tenant can use their allotted space more efficiently and make it simpler to find items when they’re needed. Below are several great tips for packing a storage unit.

Determine How Much Space is Needed

Before choosing a storage unit, tenants should measure the things they plan to store. It’s possible to pack a lot of things into a small space if it’s done thoughtfully, and renting a too-large unit could be a waste of money.

Label Boxes and Create an Inventory

Next, tenants should inventory the things they plan to store. Make lists that include every item and, for extra organization, make a note of where in the unit they’re located. Printing labels is an efficient, easy-to-read way to see just what’s in each box.

Organize by Accessibility and Weight

Layout planning is a crucial part of the process of Moving & Storage in Washington DC. Pack the unit ,so heavier things are on the bottom, and plan so seasonal and important items are toward the front and easier to access.

Protect, Wrap, and Clean

When storing furniture, it’s important to protect it from damage to the extent possible. If items may be disassembled, do it before filling the storage unit. Put bolts, nuts, washers, and other components in a labeled bag and tape it to the furniture to make reassembly easy. Wrap fragile items in padding and plastic, and use pallets to keep items off the floor.

Protect Against Temperature Fluctuations

Even if a tenant chooses an indoor unit, they should consider temperature unless the unit is climate-controlled. In conventional units, belongings are subject to temperature and humidity fluctuations, and damage may occur. Protect vinyl records, electronics, and photos by double-wrapping them in plastic or storing them in a climate-controlled unit.

In Closing

Whether a tenant is moving items into a storage unit as a short- or long-term solution, proper planning ,and packing make & ;moving in and out easier while keeping items in good shape. Visit today for more details. You can also visit them on Twitter for more information.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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