Tips on Portable Water Filtration System

     With so many contaminants and pollutants in our water supply system today, more people are turning to other alternatives for fresh water for drinking. They are seeking out “softer” water. If you are in search of such water supply alternatives, you should consider a portable water filtration system. Sawyer Water Filter want to answer some frequently asked questions about water filtration systems.

  • If your filter has little or no flow, consider the following options: try the initial wetting by slowing squeezing water through the filter to allow the filter time to saturate. Another thing you can do is backflush your filter after each outing. This will increase the longevity and effectiveness of your filter. Before you store your filter, be sure to sanitize.
  • If your pouch is leaking water through the seams, there are some alternatives: do not make the seams too tight on the pouch. Another possible problem is a torn pouch which happens when too much pressure is applied to the pouch via water being forced through the filter too fast.


  • During freezing weather, if the filter has never been wetted, it will be ok.

There has been some controversy over the usage of water filtration systems. Water filtration systems are said to contaminate wastewater. They also talk about the high costs of maintaining a water filtration system. Overall, water filtration systems are very effective for your money.

Sawyer Water Filter wants to help you get a water filtration system operating in your home. Sawyer Water Filter offers the best and most technologically advanced solutions for your water problems. They worked with a fiber manufacturer to improve the technology of hollow fiber membrane. The hollow membrane filter that Sawyer offers are small, not costly, reliable and can last a long time. Sawyer filters will remove bacteria which cause cholera, botulism, typhoid and other similar specimens. They will remove protozoan and viruses like hepatitis A, poliovirus, astrovirus and other viruses. The Sawyer filters work so well that dialysis centers can no longer use them because they will draw too much blood. For a portable water filtration system, contact Sawyer Water Filter on their website,

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