Tongue piercing is popular and attractive

While tongue piercing is popular and with the right tongue piercing jewelry is also very attractive, there are certain difficulties associated with having it done.

Getting your tongue pierced is not difficult at all, sure, it is painful but nothing that cannot be tolerated. Depending on which piercer you choose, they will favor either having the piercing done from the top down or from the bottom up. There really is no right way or wrong way to go about the piercing operation, the only thing that is important is that it is done very carefully and correct. The tongue has many nerves in it as you can appreciate and if the wrong nerve is hit there can be excruciating pain and major problems; this is why the choice of piercer is so vitally important.

On the day the piercing is done, the favorite piece of tongue piercing jewelry is the conventional barbell but with a stem which is somewhat longer than you will eventually wear. On the day of the piercing the tongue will swell considerably so the length of the barbell stem is important. Do not leave the extended length jewelry in after the tongue is healed completely.

After some four weeks or so your tongue will have healed and all evidence of swelling will have disappeared and a regular length stem must be fitted. The reason for this is quite simple, if it is too long it is easy to accidently bite down on it, the results can end up being a trip to the dentist to repair a chipped tooth.

While your tongue is healing do not smoke, this is an ideal time to give up the habit completely. Also, avoid really harsh mouth wash as they can actually burn the unhealed open flesh of your tongue. Of course cigarette smoke contains numerous toxins which can allow an infection to set in. Of course it is still important to use mouth wash but make sure it is well diluted with warm water before use, even when diluted it will maintain its bacteria killing power.

Once everything has settled down and you are fully healed, tighten the barbell every day. It is not uncommon for the end to come off and get swallowed. If you do accidently swallow your tongue piercing jewelry it is not dangerous, just expensive.

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