Transmissions in Plymouth, MN Can Check Your Car’s Transmission for Performance Issues

The best way to protect your transmission from unnecessary problems is to follow the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule. If you live in the desert, then the sand may force you to change transmission fluid and the filter more often than you would if you lived in a Midwest city. However, the transmission fluid is such an important part of the transmission, you may want to change it more often to be safe.

Using the correct transmission fluid is important because the wrong fluid could cause major repairs. If the transmission fluid runs low, then you may be asking for serious problems. If it disappears off of the dipstick entirely, then the vehicle may not run.

* Problems with transmission leaks show up in:

* Transmission sump gasket

* Extension housing seal & bush

* Torque converter seal & bush

* Selector shaft seal

* Oil pump

However, the average car owner is not going to know where to look for these leaks except they will notice transmission fluid leaking onto the driveway. Considering what could be the sources of a leak, the vehicle owner should get the vehicle into Transmissions in Plymouth, MN for a check-up as soon as possible. If the vehicle is leaking fluid onto the driveway then it is leaking constantly. This leak could result in the transmission burning up. Remember, the lack of following the recommended maintenance procedure could void your warranty.

If you believe that your transmission has a problem, then take it to an Aamco Transmission store for a free diagnosis using the amazing TranScan instrument. This diagnostic tool can identify a lot of problems immediately. Of course, there are some problems that are more difficult to isolate.

It is important to emphasize again that transmission fluid is one of the most important components of the automatic transmission. An automatic transmission creates a lot of heat inside the metal case through friction, and the normal friction created by gears and bearings carrying their loads can be very damaging to the transmission fluid. This heat build-up can begin to cause the fluid to lose its effectiveness, and the vehicle owner may not even be aware of this. That is why it is a good idea to have the transmission checked by Transmissions in Plymouth, MN for any sign of damage or a potential repair problem.

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