Two Different Ways a Personal Injury Attorney in Tampa Can Handle Your Case

Many products are recalled each day because something passed quality control that shouldn’t have or it is later found out that there is a problem with a product even though it was thoroughly tested before going for sale. In some of these cases, the products were being taken off of the market because someone was injured and sued the company which holds the patent for the item. There are two different routes that can be taken when suing a company for injuries from a defective product: a personal lawsuit or a class action lawsuit.

A personal lawsuit is where one person sues the company. In this case, the person who was injured would hire an expert personal injury attorney Tampa to represent them and they would gather all evidence. This evidence would contain information about the defective product, what went wrong with it, how it caused an injury, and what injuries resulted. It will need to be shown that the product was being used in compliance with its instructions. The judge will rule n favor of the company or injured person and, if necessary, will make judgment on settlement.

When a large group of people is injured because of a defective product the process is slightly different. The same evidence is needed still to prove the case, but there is now evidence from multiple people. Everyone in a class action lawsuit will need this information in order for the case to be processed smoothly. Your Personal Injury Attorney Tampa will ensure that all documents needed are presented to ensure that each person in the class action lawsuit will get the money he or she needs.

After you know which kind of case you will be involved in, you can begin working with your lawyer and begin by giving them the requested documents. With either case, the attorney who represents you will be there for you to answer any questions about the case and to help you get the settlement that you both deserve and need. This process can take a while, but hopefully by the end not only will you have what you need, but the product will be pulled from the shelves and repaired so someone else doesn’t get injured the same way as you.

Papa & Gipe PA aggressively investigate your case and provide fair settlement. Their attorneys have outstanding track record of success in state court cases throughout Florida.

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