Types of Medical Marijuana Available for Purchase at Florida Dispensaries

If you are permitted to consume cannabis for medical purposes, you have a wide selection of medicines to choose from. Listed below are the most common forms of THC and CBD available in Florida dispensaries today. If you have any questions about their effects, contact a medical marijuana doctor in Sarasota FL for answers to your inquiries.


Flowers are the most recognizable form of medicinal marijuana. In general, there are two principal types of flowers: Sativa and Indica. You’ll gravitate towards one or the other depending on your particular medical condition. Sativa users find their medicine to be uplifting and energy-giving, while Indica users describe their flowers as body-heavy.


Concentrates are extractions of either THC or CBD. Often, they come in the form of oil or resin and are called honey oil, rosin, or shatter. Some of the concentrates available are made with solvents such as butane oil, while others are made with CO2. Additionally, some are made without chemicals or gasses such as rosin and bubble hash.


Tinctures are similar to concentrates in that the THC or CBD is extracted from the plant. However, with tinctures, the THC or CBD is extracted to a liquid. Tincture makers submerse a quantity of marijuana or hemp flowers and plant material into a liquid and let it sit long enough for the liquid to absorb the THC or CBD. Tinctures are typically sold in eye-dropper bottles.


You can find a wide variety of topicals for sale at dispensaries in Florida dispensaries. Balms, lotions and salves provide quick relief to areas of your body where they are applied. The topicals are generally made with natural materials such as coconut oil, aloe vera and cocoa butter.

To speak to a medical marijuana doctor in Sarasota FL today, contact Neurology of Cannabis at neurologyofcannabis.com.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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