Uncover Discrepancies with Employment Background Investigations in NJ

If you need to hire someone to work for your company, you want to be sure the person you choose is the most trustworthy option. While the application and interview can be a good indicator of whether the person is a good fit for the job, it doesn’t tell you a lot about the person. You can call his references, but that is still not a foolproof method. In most cases, employment background investigations in NJ are needed to make the best choice.

Job History

The application typically asks each candidate for his job history. While most people are honest, there are others who will fake certain aspects of their history to increase their chances of getting the job. When you conduct a background check on an employee, you will be able to spot employment gaps, job title discrepancies and other incorrect employment information. This can let you know whether an employee is being honest with you about his job history.

Criminal History

Most people understand employment background investigations in NJ include looking into any past criminal history. The impact of the history on the ability to hire someone will depend on a variety of factors, including how long ago the crime was committed and what type of crime it was. For instance, if you are a bank, you don’t want to hire someone who committed fraud or theft because of the increased risks involved.


Another area of the application where some people choose to embellish is their educational background. Many jobs today list they require a certain college degree for consideration of employment. While many employers are willing to overlook this requirement for the right candidate, it can lead people to lie about it in hopes of getting the job. Unfortunately for these applicants, lying about your education can actually cost you a job once the employer gets a hold of the background check.

Today, it is difficult to rely on people to be completely honest when they are applying for a job. If they really need a job, they are more likely to lie about things to increase their chances of landing the job. This is why you need to conduct employment background investigations in NJ. These checks will disclose job history, criminal history, education and more to ensure you choose the right candidate to work for you. In combination with the interview, you will be able to find the perfect person to fit your needs and complement the rest of your team.

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