Understand Class Action Lawsuits Brought by Defective Products Lawyers in Ogden, UT

Products are supposed to be safe for consumers. Products that are required to be safe include everything from food to toys and medical devices or medications. When a product is sold and it is discovered that it could lead to serious injuries for consumers even when used as advertised, the consumers could work with defective products lawyers in Ogden, UT on a class action lawsuit to demand compensation for their injuries and a recall of the product.

What Does a Class Action Lawsuit Involve?

A class action lawsuit is brought when multiple people have been injured by a product even if they’re using the product properly. All of the people together will start a lawsuit to demand compensation for their own injuries and for anyone else who has been injured by the product. They can also demand a recall of the product to fix safety issues before more are sold to the public.

Compensation for Injuries

Those who start the lawsuit will receive compensation for their injuries because of the defective product if they win the case. Most of the time, there is a limited amount of time for other consumers to join the lawsuit and obtain a refund for the defective product. It can take years before the case is completed and everyone receives the compensation as there could be thousands of people who will receive a part of the settlement.

Recall of the Product

The lawsuit can result in a recall of the defective product. This means anyone who owns it can return it for a refund. This may be limited to products sold between certain dates or certain versions of the product that could be defective. It also means the products are removed from store shelves, where applicable, so they cannot be sold again until the reason for the defect has been corrected.

Those who have been injured by a product can contact defective products lawyers in Ogden, UT to find out if there was recently a lawsuit for the product or to see if one is in the works right now. If neither of these applies to their situation, they can also talk to the lawyer about creating a new case. Those who would like to learn more or need help dealing with an injury from a defective product can get more information from Gridley Ward & Hamilton.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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