Understanding Invisalign in Evanston – A Complete Guide to the Procedure

Invisalign is a new dental treatment that is designed to straighten teeth without using metal braces. With the use of custom-made invisible plastic aligners, you can now have your bite fixed or your jaw straightened out without everyone knowing about it. before getting an appointment for an Invisalign in Evanston, here is a complete guide of what you need to know before having Invisalign.

The Cost

The first thing you have to consider before getting Invisalign treatment is the cost. The cost to receive Invisalign can be higher than that of traditional metal braces for the same result. Ask your orthodontist or dentist to give you an estimate of the total costs.

The Procedure

The first part of Invisalign treatment is planning. Your dentist will do an oral checkup and determine the plan you need. It means having x-rays and teeth impression for the lab to use. Your teeth impression will be used to make clear aligners. The x-ray will be used to check the condition of your gums and teeth in general.

In your treatment plan, your dentist will provide an estimate of the number of clear aligners you will have. The clear aligners need to be worn at least 20 to 22 hours a day. You can remove it if you need to eat. This is one advantage of clear aligners over metal braces; you can remove it when eating for easier cleaning.

The Length of Treatment

The length of treatment depends on the condition of your jaw or misaligned teeth. If it is a mild case, it can take up to 6 months. It can take up to 12 months for intermediate cases and up to 18 months for the worst cases.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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