Understanding the Social Security Disability Requirements May Help You Not Get Denied

Thousands of Americans are injured each year beyond the ability to successfully return to work. These individuals apply for their social security disability benefits, and a lot of times are denied the rights to those benefits. That seems to be the story of many people who have been turned down for their social security disability benefits, that the government is unfair. They get discouraged and refuse to try anymore. A Disability Attorney In Wichita, Kansas has represented many clients on this matter. Here are a few tips that may cause you to want to get back in the fight.

Despite the fact that three out of every ten applicants are rejected, the chances improve significantly if you know the right things to do. It is not a matter of knowing “tricks” or “secrets;” you just need to be aware of facts.

Fact 1: There are over 56 million Americans who have possible qualifying disabilities that will enable them to get social security disability benefits. This means that you may have one of those qualifying disabilities.
Fact 2: Social security is not something the government is giving you. It is something that you have earned because you have social security taxes coming out of your check each pay period.
Fact 3: Social security have different criteria for establishing disability than other agencies and programs. To be qualified as disabled, you must be severely impaired enough to be prevented from returning to the work you were doing at the time of disability OR the work you have done in the past. This disability must prevent you for at least one year, or is expected to result in death.

The Law Offices of Business Name¬†have been providing legal solutions for clients, particularly those applying for social security disability, for over 35 years. If you have been turned down for your social security disability, it doesn’t necessarily means that is the end of the road. You may have simply been delayed, but you do not have to be denied. If you need to speak to a Disability Attorney In Wichita, Kansas about your case, you can visit the website of Business Name. You can also Contact Business Name at their office in Wichita.

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