Use a Professional Company That Provides Lawn Aeration in Spokane

When you live in the Pacific Northwest and have a lawn you’d like to take care of properly, it can help to utilize the services of a company providing professional lawn aeration in Spokane. Using this type of service can help improve turf health, reduce thatch buildup and release soil compaction.

Improving Turf Health

Utilizing a company that provides lawn aeration in Spokane can help make your grass more healthy. One of the main benefits of aeration is its ability to provide the roots with greater access to crucial elements such as fertilizer, water and air. Receiving more of these essential nutrients helps improve turf health, which can provide you with a lawn that has a more robust root system.

Reducing Thatch Buildup

Having a layer of dead grass accumulate on your yard can start to become thick and choke out essential nutrients and water flows from natural rains. Using a professional aeration service helps manage this unwanted buildup and helps reduce it so that nutrients and water can seep into the ground easier.

Relieving Soil Compaction

Another challenge that can choke out essential nutrients from getting deeper into your soil is when it gets too compacted. Your root system becomes starved from water, air and fertilizer. This lack of nutrients can begin to cause problems such as thinning or dead spots in your grass. Using the aeration process can decrease soil density and relieve the compaction. When you want to receive this type of service from a professional, be sure to visit Spokane ProCare at

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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