Used Bucket Trucks for Sale Keep Small Businesses Booming

You see them driving around your community every day. Cable and satellite companies swear by them as do the utilities and construction industries. If your painting or roofing business is confined to jobs that can reached by a ladder, maybe it’s time to look for used bucket trucks for sale. The primary use of bucket trucks, also known as cherry pickers, is to safely lift one or two workers to a higher location. The bucket is mounted to an articulating hydraulic boom, which in turn is mounted to a heavy truck. From there the work can be done directly from the bucket or platform, or the worker is simply delivered elevator style to a higher location.

Safer and More Efficient
Consider the job of painting a multi-story building. You have the option of renting scaffolding, but prices vary widely depending on the configuration you need and amount of time you need it. You still have to get all of your painting materials up to the location. Or you can haul as much as you can carry and balance on a tiny platform up a ladder. After each small section that you can comfortably reach is painted you have to do it all over again.  With a bucket truck the operator can move you as the job progresses. No more climbing up and down. Think about the amount of time per job that can be saved by using the right equipment and you might find that owning your own bucket truck is a sensible choice.

Buying Considerations
Renting a commercial vehicle may cause you to have to walk away from business where the cost of renting cannot be absorbed by the value of the job. If the job is delayed by bad weather, paying for a bucket truck when not in use can kill your profits. In addition, using a truck with another company’s rental logo on it can convey that you’re just starting out or not doing enough business to own your own vehicle. Search for used bucket trucks for sale if your business has or wants to pursue multiple long term jobs in high locations. Any used commercial truck purchased from a reputable source should give you years of reliable service. As with any use vehicle you want to make sure it is thoroughly reconditioned or risk down time that will hurt your business.

Monster Equipment, LLC has an extensive inventory of used bucket trucks for sale.

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