Using A Trusts Attorney in Redlands CA For Help With Estate Planning

With the help of a Trusts Attorney in Redlands CA and proper estate planning, a person can make sure they control where their assets go. They don’t have to worry about a court deciding matters for them or the government taking a cut out of their estate through the probate process. Along with trusts, there are a number of ways that estate planning can be done.

Why Use Trusts?

Why should a person hire a Trusts Attorney in Redlands CA in the first place? Trusts help to pass assets to other people without getting the probate court involved. Probate is a time-consuming process that can involve legal fees. In some cases, probate takes years to resolve. Large estate are going to be much more difficult to handle in probate. When properly planned, even a large estate can bypass probate with the help of trusts.


A person can use their gift tax exemption to move assets to loved ones. A trust lawyer can work with their client so that gifts can be maximized. There is both a lifetime gift exemption and an annual one. When combined with trusts and other methods, gifts can be powerful tools. A person shouldn’t need access to any of the assets they are planning to give away under the lifetime exemption. Anyone who needs help understanding estate planning can Visit the website.

Trusts Are Difficult

A person can’t just go to a legal website and make a trust. While that can be done with a will, trusts are more difficult to deal with. An individual might find it more beneficial to make a trust in another state rather than their state of residence. A person might want a certain level of control in the trust. People have different goals when drawing up trusts, so it’s important to have lawyers who can help with all the specifics.

Trusts help a great deal with asset planning. An individual should be aware of all their options when creating a trusts so that they can pick the best arrangement for their needs. What works for one person might not be a perfect fit for another one. You can also visit them on Google My Business.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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