Using an Authentic Mexican Food Distribution in the Pennsylvania Area, Will Keep Your Customers Coming Back for More.

When you open a Mexican restaurant, you want authenticity. There are fast food places that sell Americanized Mexican foods, that are unrecognizable other than the hint of cumin and tortilla shells. Your business is your baby, you have invested yourself into it and made great sacrifices to open the front doors and usher in your first customers. Don’t sacrifice on quality or the genuine flavors of Mexico. You need a reliable Mexican Food Distribution in Pennsylvania. From fresh vegetables, Jarrito sodas and plantains to serving dishes, decorations and bar supplies, you need a one-stop vendor. You need a company like

In 1968, Mr. & Mrs. Barbone opened a taco stand in New York City. One of only four Mexican food vendors, they had a unique opportunity. Their commitment to quality and authenticity won the hearts and taste buds of the people in the city. By 1972 they were making fresh tortillas daily and distributing them to all of the Mexican restaurants in New York City. Fast forward in time, and their two sons are now running a successful distribution service in New York City, Connecticut and New Jersey. With a dedication to fresh foods, authentic flavors and reliable service, they deliver the best Mexican foods to restaurants, cafe’s and taco stands in the northeast area. They still make fresh tortillas every day, but now they have ten delivery trucks distributing their full line of products.

If you own a Mexican restaurant or are just about to open, you need a quality Mexican Food Distribution in Pennsylvania you can count on. Americans love Mexican foods and they want the real thing, not an American version of it. At you can find a full line of products and a user friendly ordering screen. If you have questions, customer support is ready to take your call. You may have a full line of menu items you want to prepare already, but if you want to add something new to the menu they also have recipes that you can prepare using ingredients they can supply.

When your business is your heart and soul, you want to know that the vendors you use are as invested in your business as you are. Consistent quality and excellent service are the backbone of your business. Your suppliers should be held to the same standards. Your customers will be glad you did, and will keep coming back again and again.


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