Using An SMTP Relay Service For Transactional Emails

Many companies use transactional emails on a regular basis to keep their customers informed, up to date and able to utilize and access different online services, apps, accounts and other types of services. An SMTP relay service is often the system that is handling all these transactional emails to make sure they are delivered quickly, accurately and with tracking options to customers around the world.

What Are Transactional Emails?

Transactional emails are necessarily about financial transactions but they are about letting someone know that something of relevance has happened that they have asked to be notified about. They are the automatically generated emails from social media sites or the notifications that come when something you subscribe to online is about to expire. It can also be used to generate new or replacement passwords or even to sign up for a newsletter online.

These transactional emails are not actually generated by people; they are set up on computer systems and typically delivered using an SMTP relay service. This ensures that the email or notification is not tagged as spam and also comes to you immediately without being stuck in a long line waiting for processing by a business email server.

The SMTP Relay Service In Actions

Each time a system is triggered to produce a transactional email that adds to the number of outgoing emails. Without the use of an SMTP relay service the bandwidth would be used up very quickly on these routine emails and notifications, effectively shutting down all other outgoing emails.

This would cause a problem both for the current customer waiting for the transactional email as well as for other clients. With the third part SMTP relay service taking all the transactional emails, and bulk emails as well, the company SMTP or outgoing mail servers can easily handle the regular business email and allow effective processing of everything.

With an SMTP relay service that integrates with your transactional email and bulk email systems you really have very little monitoring or management of your email. You also have the ability to track the delivery of the email and also when it was opened so that you can ensure that customers are getting the information they need when they need it.

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