Vacuum Coating Equipment and Electronic Repair Services in Boston, MA

Vacuum coating equipment uses a vacuum environment and a molecular vapor source to deposit thin films and coating onto surfaces. Electronic Repair Services in Boston MA, includes the repair of vacuum coating equipment, custom manufactured coating equipment, and consultation services for all types of electronic equipment. Repair services are completed by fully trained engineers and service staff for all major brands.

Services include pumping system troubleshooting, instrumentation repair, an in-house machine shop, helium mass spectrometer leak detection, computer aided design, and resistance sources and power controls. Vacuum pump services are comprehensive and include a complete in-house test station for measuring pumping speed and ultimate vacuum. A fully equipped manufacture, repair, and service center helps keep costs low and response time for repairs quick. All services include a maximum price to performance ratio, equitable solutions, close customer involvement, superior uniformity and film parameters, and maximum pumping efficiency. Refurbished systems are also available if you prefer not to have a system custom designed for your needs.

Electronic Repair Services in Boston MA, may require a system replacement. If that is the case, custom manufactured vacuum coating equipment is available, such as state-of-the-art PVD, CVD, and PECVD vacuum systems. Systems are available in bell jars, box coaters, load-lock, in-line, and batch. Electron beam, ion, and thermal sources, as well as magnetron or diode cathodes are available to suit your equipment repair or fabrication needs. In-house automation technology provides consistent performance with lower start up costs. Consulting services are also offered to evaluate your current equipment, assess your needs, and make recommendations for repairs or system updates. can provide detailed information regarding repairs, manufacturing, and consulting services.

Training courses are offered to technicians, engineers, supervisors, students, and novices. Courses are offered on an on-going basis, and student discounts are available for those who are eligible. Examples of courses offered are: Pressure Gauges, Uses, and Applications; Leak Detection, A Hands on Approach; Vacuum Technology Basics; Performances Monitoring and Maintenance; and Hands-On Thermal Evaporation. Thermal Evaporation and Electronic Beam Evaporation are three-day courses, with all others taking place in one day. All courses include classroom theory and hands-on training.

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