Water Leaks in Tucson Can Be Found and Fixed Easily By An Experienced Plumbing Technician

Water leaks are a problem no matter where they are located, and they should not be neglected. However, leaks in the house are not easy to find until serious damage has been done. The average homeowner may not know how to detect a leak. Water Leaks in Tucson are usually not easy to find because the water will show up in a spot other than where the leaking pipe is located.

Finding the source of these leaks is a high priority since black mold will grow everywhere the water settles. A plumbing technician can find the leak with the high tech equipment they have. Leaks under a slab can also be detected. Slab leaks will cause the foundation to move and the slab to crack. The plumber may notice wet spots on the wall or the ceiling, and he may notice dampness on the carpet or other floor covering. Leaks in the wall or the ceiling can be fixed with a minimum of tear-up. Slab leaks can be repaired with equipment designed to work with tension spring slabs or solid concrete slabs.

Sewer problems are usually noticed when the toilet starts to overflow with sewage. If the sewer is leaking, then the homeowner will notice wet or damp areas of ground near the sewer line. Plants growing nearby will appear to be unusually healthy. A plumber working with water leaks in Tucson will have video line he can run into the sewer line and find the cause of the backup. If there is a clog or excessive debris in the line, then the plumber will run a rotating blade down the line powered by 3200 psi. This technique will clear the clog and clean the walls also.

If the home has clay or cast iron sewer lines, then there is a high probability they may have cracked and broken up. This not only results in sewage leaks, but it also invites roots to travel to a sewer leak. Roots can travel 100 feet to get into a leaking line. The sewer line needs to be replaced if it is broken up.

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