Ways that Dental Cosmetics in Richmond, VA Can Help Patients to Restore the Beauty of their Smile

Many circumstances can cause a person to have teeth that appear discolored or dull. This can happen because of the food or drinks a person digests. It can also be the result of tobacco use, certain diseases, medications, age or poor dental hygiene. Regardless of the cause, most people who feel their teeth are not pleasing to look at can become self-conscious and embarrassed. This can affect their live in many negative ways especially when they are trying to land a job or meeting someone for the first time. In such situations, it is a good idea for a person to visit their dentist about the different types of dental cosmetics in Richmond VA that can help in correcting this problem.

One of the most common treatments that a dentist may recommend to a patient with discolored teeth is whitening treatments. These types of treatments can be very effective in restoring the brightness of teeth. While many stores now carry over the counter products that are designed to whiten a person’s teeth, these kits are generally much less effective than a professional treatment can be. In addition, some kits can even cause damage to the patient’s gums and/or teeth. This can make it a wiser choice to have professional whitening on one’s teeth.

With this type of treatment, a dentist will begin by doing a thorough cleaning of the teeth so that the whitening products will be working on the enamel of the teeth rather than tartar or plaque buildup. The dentist will often place some type of protective covering or coating on the patient’s gums so they are not affected by the bleaching product. A whitening gel made with hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide is then applied to the patient’s teeth. This professional type of product can have much greater results than the type of gels that are sold over the counter. In addition, the dentist can further increase the whitening capabilities of the product by adding heat, a special UV light or laser to the gel to activate it further.

With this type of whitening, a patient will often see better results in a much shorter period of time. While one visit can produce tremendous improvements in one’s smile, it is generally recommended for the patient to have a series of treatments to achieve maximum benefits.

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