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What a Drunk Driving Lawyer in Madison WI Looks for After an Arrest

A person who is arrested and charged with drunk driving under Maryland laws is facing serious penalties if they are convicted. However, just because they were arrested does not mean they are guilty and will be convicted. Instead, there is a lot a Drunk Driving Lawyer in Madison WI can do to help their client.

The Reason for the Stop

Officers need a reason to stop a vehicle for suspicion of drunk driving. They could stop all vehicles going through a checkpoint or stop a vehicle that is seen swerving on the road. However, if they do not have any reason for the stop, the charges might not be valid because there was no reason for the officer to begin the steps to arrest the person for driving under the influence.

Administration of the BAC Test

The BAC (blood alcohol content) most frequently used prior to an arrest is the breathalyzer. This test is susceptible to errors if the equipment is not properly cared for or properly calibrated before being used. Additionally, the test may not be administered correctly, which means the results may be incorrect. Any issues with the breathalyzer could mean the results are inadmissible in court.

Further Evidence Found by Officers

Officers might collect further evidence to support the DUI charge when applicable. If they find an open container hidden in the vehicle, for example, this could be used to demonstrate the person was drinking and driving. However, if the container was not in plain sight and the officer did not have a valid reason or permission to search the vehicle when they discovered the container, it might not be applicable in court.

How a Lawyer Uses This Information

The arrested person’s lawyer will carefully review everything that occurred to see if there is any way to suppress the evidence against the person or to have the charges dismissed. This will mean the person avoids a conviction and the penalties associated with it.

If you’ve been arrested and charged with a DUI, do not try to fight this charge on your own. A Drunk Driving Lawyer in Madison WI knows what to look for to help you avoid a conviction when possible and to reduce your penalties if you are convicted. Contact Gregory Wright Law Offices, S.C today to learn more and to get help with your case. Find us on Facebook!

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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