What A Technician Does When Performing Air Conditioning Maintenance In San Antonio, TX

An efficient air conditioner works more effectively to cool your home. To maintain the efficiency of your cooling system, it’s essential to hire a company that performs Air Conditioning Maintenance in San Antonio TX. A once yearly service check will ensure that your air conditioning system is functioning at full capacity. Below, you’ll learn what a technician will do when performing maintenance on your air conditioner.

Test The Wiring Connections

After removing the access panel, the technician will inspect the wiring for loose connections and tighten them if necessary. The technician will also look for signs of overheating. If any of the wires are black, or if the insulation on the wires has melted, this indicates the unit has been getting too hot. The technician will replace the faulty wires and inspect the unit to find out why it’s overheating.

Measure The Refrigerant Level

The technician will test the refrigerant level in your unit and add more coolant if necessary. If additional refrigerant is needed, the technician will also have to charge the unit. If the technician detects a leak, the leak will have to be repaired before the refrigerant is added to the unit.

Inspect And Clean The Components

Air conditioner components that are full of dirt and debris cannot perform as efficiently as possible. The technician will inspect the condenser coil, indoor coil, condensate pump, condensate drain and blower assembly. If any of these components are dirty, the technician will thoroughly clean them so that your unit will run better.

Add Lubrication

If the moving parts of your air conditioner aren’t properly lubricated, this will cause resistance as the motor runs. This friction makes your air conditioning unit run harder, and it will use more electricity. This inefficiency will make your electric bill higher since your unit is using extra energy to run. A technician who performs Air Conditioning Maintenance in San Antonio TX, will lubricate any oil ports so that your air conditioner will run smoothly.

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