What are C-TPAT Seals and Why They are Important

C-TPAT stands for Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism. It is a government initiative that was designed in 2001 to strengthen border security and the overall supply chain. For those suppliers that make C-TPAT seals, they are the highest security-level seals available and they have strict guidelines and ISOs associated with them.

These seals are meant to be tamper evident and resistant. Many of the C-TPAT seals require special tools to remove them at the end of their use, though some can be removed by using normal bolt cutters.

The biggest reason companies prefer to use these seals is when they must ship sensitive items overseas or across the borders into Mexico. When these seals are used, it is easier to go through customs. Otherwise, the cargo would need to be unsealed, checked and then resealed to continue into the country. In essence, the company requiring the seal will need to have an employee that is designated by the manufacturer of the seal to put the seal on correctly.

There are many C-TPAT seals available on the market right now, including bolt seals, barrier seals, double-locking and cable seals.

Bolt seals are great to use for containers and there are traditional bolt seals and the newer flexible models.

Cable seals that are up to the C-TPAT standard are made from heavy-duty materials are meant to withstand rough terrain. They are very easy to use, but must be removed by bolt-cutters.

Barrier seals are bar seals that are made of steel. They generally have a locking mechanism that is embedded into the metal bush, which makes the seal even stronger. It will also be more difficult to tamper with. This type of seal can be used with many containers, including ground transportation, intermodal and shipping containers.

For those who want added security, there are also double-locking seals, which provide either two cable seals or a bolt and cable seal. Each one must be locked and then broken upon arrival.

If you are interested in using C-TPAT seals and want to ensure the seals you use are C-TPAT compliant, you will need to contact the supplier of the seas and ask them to provide you with the ISO certificates for the specific seal.

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