What are Rideshare Services?

by | Jul 8, 2014 | Transportation & Logistics

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With growing concerns about fossil fuel consumption and the effect they are having on the environment more and more options are becoming available to make travel to and from work more environmentally friendly. Rideshare services are options offered by many major public transit companies allowing people to organize their own carpools with access to a fully insured vehicle.

Organizing a Rideshare Team
The beauty of rideshare services is that they are organized by the transit commission. People can give their names and locations and they will be matched with a group in like areas. Vans can accommodate as many as 15 and you can also opt to organize a group on your own. This can work well for large businesses with groups of people coming to and from the same areas everyday.

The Vehicles and Drivers
The vehicles and drivers provided by rideshare services are covered by insurance and drivers are trained by the transit company. You can elect to use the same driver in your group or multiple participants can share driving duties. Vans are well maintained and fully covered by insurance.

What is Included?
Rideshare services include the following:
*Access to car and driver
*Assistance in finding groups
*Driver and passenger recruitment
*Emergency service as required
*Easy shared flat rate

Faster, Safer Drive
Rideshare services have access to HOV lanes which means the ride in is quicker and safer. You will no longer have to contend with traffic jams and can breeze to and from work without the stress and worry of being late. You will arrive at work feeling refreshed and ready to go instead of rushed and frazzled.

Emergency Drives
If you are part of a rideshare group and you have an issue such as falling ill at work or having an emergency at school you can leave the office and be driven using your emergency drive option. There are a number of emergency drives covered by your flat rate, but should you require more you can still call for emergency service for a more reasonable rate than a cab.

You can speak to your local transit company to find out more about rideshare services in your area.

If you are interested in finding out more about rideshare services with your Dallas transit system Dart will be happy to help. Visit Dart.org or call 214-979-1111 for information.


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