What Can You Expect From Concrete Services For New Jersey?

Concrete is a truly wonderful material and we should all be grateful to the Ancient Romans who first figured out how to make and use it in a rudimentary manner; There is even a Latin word that provides the root for today’s word and that is “concrescere” which means to grow together. The raw materials for construction concrete are a composite mixture of gravel and sand (aggregates to provide strength and durability); these are bound together with the “glue” that we call cement (usually powdered, treated limestone rock; known as Portland cement); water is used to mix everything together and, as the mix dries out (or “cures”); it “grows together to form a hard, stone-like, mass. The Colosseum in Rome itself was largely constructed in early concrete; as was the dome of the Pantheon. During the so called “dark ages” that followed the demise of the Roman Empire; concrete virtually ceased to be used until it was “re-discovered” in the mid-18th century. Today, if you add up the tonnage; concrete is the world’s most widely used man-made material. We even use the word “concrete” to describe something that has a physical form and is not abstract.

What Are These Concrete Services For New Jersey?

With concrete being such a ubiquitous material; I could put my tongue firmly in my cheek and start the list with concrete boots for bodies thrown in the river; concrete can even be used underwater. But, seriously, the Concrete Services For New Jersey cover the likes of:-

  • The foundation slab for many buildings
  • Support columns, beams, lintels, etc for buildings of any size
  • Concrete pavement for our roads and streets
  • Concrete walkways, sidewalks and driveways
  • Patio decks and swimming pool liners
  • Bridges
  • Concrete pipes for culverts, drainage and sewerage
  • Moulded into shapes for curb stones, paving slabs or decorative pieces
  • The list could go on and on – concrete is, after all, the most used manmade material today.

Everything on this list of Concrete Services For New Jersey starts out as cement powder, aggregates and water. The contractors who specialize in concrete construction need to know precisely which mix to use for each particular job; how to mix it; how to pour or otherwise get it into position and how long it can be left after mixing and before use; plus, how much time has to elapse before it will be properly cured and “rock hard”.

Although HOLES Infrastructure Solutions main specialization is roads, drives and walkways; they are well versed in most applications for Concrete Services In New Jersey. Check out their website URL to assess the full extent of what they can do for you.

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