What Can You Expect From Orthodontic Care in Bayside, NY?

Though you do all you can to make sure your smile looks its very best, you may not be happy with your appearance if your teeth are out of alignment. Crooked teeth can be caused by genetics, overcrowding and tooth impaction. Fortunately, there are treatment options available through orthodontic care in Bayside, NY. With braces placed on your teeth, your alignment issues will be corrected within about a year, so you can feel confident and stop the pain and pressure alignment issues can cause with your teeth.

How Does the Orthodontist Work to Straighten Your Teeth?

If you are tired of dealing with alignment issues with your teeth, you are certainly not alone. Many people seek orthodontic care in Bayside, NY each year, because they have functional and cosmetic issues because of their alignment problems. If you are experiencing this problem, the Orthodontist can place braces on your teeth, so they can slowly be brought back into natural alignment.

To place braces on your teeth, the dentist will need to make sure your teeth are completely clean and dry. It is important your teeth are clean and dry because the brackets that will be placed on your teeth will need to be adhered. The dental cement will not adhere on dirty or wet teeth.

Each bracket is put into place and strongly adhered to your tooth. The dentist will want to make sure the bracket is in the middle of your tooth and is strongly adhered, as the brackets will form the framework for the metal wiring in your braces. Later, your dentist will need to tighten these wires, to help your teeth begin to respond and move into their proper positions.

You should not feel any major pain while having your braces put on, though your mouth may feel a little sore for a couple of days. Most dentists recommend their patients stick to softer foods until the discomfort goes away.

If you have been considering getting orthodontic care and want more information, Click here and visit Nydentalcare.com. They will be glad to assist you in overcoming your alignment issues, so your smile can be beautiful.

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