What Does it Take to Prepare for a Water Heater Installation in Casper WY

The verdict is in and the old water heater has to go. With the help of a professional, the homeowner has selected a replacement and the delivery is set for tomorrow. All that remains is to get ready for the actual water heater installation in Casper WY. Here are a few things to do before the plumber shows up to remove the old heater and put the new one in its place.

Close the Connection

Locate the valve that controls the flow of water from the plumbing to the current water heater. Close the valve so no water can flow into the tank. Since the valve will have to be closed anyway, it pays to go ahead and get the task completed ahead of time.

Drain the Tank

Before any attempt at water heater installation in Casper WY should be made, it pays to drain the tank in the old unit. This can be done by opening the valves at the base of the tank and capturing the water in containers. Dump the water down the sink or use it to water a flower bed. If any happens to slosh out during the process, it can easily be mopped up as soon as the tank is drained.

Clear Room to Work

Whether the water heater is in a cabinet or is located in the middle of the basement, make sure that the plumber will have plenty of work room. Remember that the old heater must be hauled out of the way before the new one can be connected. A larger work space translates into a quicker switch.

Put Down Some Drop Cloths

Just to be on the safe side, get those old drop cloths from the store room and use them to create paths to and from the main entrances. The plumber will not have to worry about tracking in any dirt and the homeowner will have an easier time of cleaning up once the new water heater is in place.

For help with a water heater installation or any other type of plumbing issue, contact us today. A professional will be on the way shortly and the household can get back to normal.

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