What is a pressure washer?

A machine which is capable of cleaning many different surfaces with a stream of high pressure water is called a pressure washer. Pressure washing in Columbia MD not too long ago was always farmed out to professional companies but today, many pressure washers are so affordable that many people opt to buy one for their own purposes. A pressure washer is an ideal tool to have around; it makes short work out of cleaning your deck or sidewalks, wherever a lot of pedestrian traffic has ground dirt in.

Regardless of the pressure delivered from your garden hose, a pressure washer will exceed it, even the smallest units. Depending on the model, a pressure washer can crank up the pressure from the water mains by 15 to 50 times or even more with industrial machines. Under these circumstances, pressure washing in Columbia MD is much more efficient at cleaning, plus it uses considerably less water to do the job.

The primary function of any pressure washer is to multiply the pressure from a water source and send it out of a nozzle in a high pressure stream. This is accomplished by a high pressure pump which is usually electric or gasoline powered. The pump is actually a compressor which allows for a high pressure, concentrated stream of water. The water is discharged through a nozzle connected to a long handle known as a wand, a trigger on the handle allows the user to fire the water in short bursts or in a long, continuous spray. The stream can be adjusted from a fine jet to a wide spray; the intensity of the stream cannot also be adjusted.

A pressure washer which is powered by a gasoline engine is portable and usually increases the pressure of the water jet far more than a model relying on electric power. Most contractors who offer pressure washing in Columbia MD use gasoline powered models whereas most home equipment is electric.

Pressure washers are available that use cold water exclusively, there are also models which can use both hot and cold water, the model selected will depend on the anticipated use. Cold water is suitable for most jobs whereas hot water is ideal for cleaning moss from sidewalks and killing weeds.

Mr. Clean Power Washing provides professional pressure washing services in Columbia MD. They will clean your home with no damage at all, including aluminum siding.

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