What Is An Auto Parts Warehouse Atlanta GA

Auto Parts Warehouse Atlanta GA is a warehouse that stores auto parts in bulk supplies. Distributors utilize warehouses to store their parts to build up their inventory. The parts are placed on shelving and organized by product number for easy access.

Customers who place orders online receive their parts from a warehouse. The typical setup consists of a computer-generated invoice that is sent directly to the distribution center or warehouse. The employees within this warehouse locate the part by product number and place all items ordered into a shipping box. They package the parts within this box and mail them according to the requirements for the order.

The invoice for the Auto Parts Warehouse includes all required information to ship each item, and the method utilized to ship them to the recipient. Most warehouses utilize number of shipping methods for sending out parts.

The distributor possesses an account for these shipping options. The employees log into the account to set up the shipment. They enter the required information and select the delivery type from options onscreen. A shipping label is printed, once all information is entered into the system. The package is either picked up on the scheduled date by the shipping provider or placed into a pickup box for that shipping company.

Auto Parts Warehouse Atlanta GA is also considered a drop-shipping option. Some distributors utilize warehouses owned by another company to distribute their products to the public. A drop-shipper fills the order as specified on the invoice and ships the products to the buyer.

Some companies utilize these services to lower overhead costs. The need for warehouse employees is eliminated by hiring a drop-shipper to distribute products. This concept cuts additional costs associated with hiring employees such as workman’s compensation insurance.

In some cases, customers can receive their products faster through a drop-shipper than through a company-owned distribution center. However, companies that utilize these shipment options may be limited in the amount of products sold at a given time. The drop-shipper can only distribute the products that are available inside their own warehouse. Distributors have to send more items to these companies to continue to sell parts through their warehouse.

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