What Is Special About Mining Cable?

by | Jul 17, 2014 | Business

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Mining cable would be very different from mining gold –if it were actually possible to dig up cable out of the ground that is. Since you cannot dig up cable (unless someone previously buried it) Mining Cable must have a different meaning from the obvious one.

What Is Cable?

I know of four answers to this question. There is the “cable” that is a word shortened from cablegram and, therefore not used so much in these days of email, SMS of fax. Then, there is the whole subject of cable TV which has nothing much to do with mining. So, how about those cables that are quite substantial ropes made out of wire and used to support cable cars, suspension bridges, crane and open cast mining hooks and buckets or, elevators – including those that carry underground miners to the depths of the mine (and lift the results of their mining to the surface).

Sounds like we are in the right meaning for Mining Cable? But, we are probably in the “close but no cigar” category. The fourth kind of cable is when the word is used to describe small diameter metal wire used either on its own or in combination with other wires for the purpose of carrying electric current or electric signals. This could be the area of usage that is closest to what miners mean when they speak of Mining Cable.

So, What Is Special About The Electrical Wiring Used In Mines?

Mining operations, whether above or below ground, can be potentially dangerous and major disasters have been known to occur. Today’s mining is extremely safety conscious and goes to great lengths to avoid accidents – including those that cause explosions to occur in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Above ground operations might not require electric lighting and do not take place in confined areas where potentially explosive or otherwise deadly gases can build up. However, explosives are often used above ground and a common way to set off a planned explosion is to place electrically operated detonators in the explosive compound. The detonators are activated by running an electric current through them which emanates from a remote position – remember those movies where someone pushes a plunger down and the dynamite goes “bang”. A big problem occurs if the dynamite does not go bang when it should. Therefore, the electric wiring connecting the control switch to the detonator must be 100% reliable and will probably be made from special grade Mining Cable. For more visit http://www.customwireandcable.com/mining-cable/

They also use controlled explosions underground but, down there, deep in the mine, they have many more uses for high quality, reliable Mining Cable. Fire is always a big risk underground and faults in electrical wiring can cause sparks that start fires. Even if a fire is caused by something else, it is vital that any sheathing or covering around the wire in the Mining Cable does not catch fire too easily and, if it should catch fire, then it must not give off any toxic or poisonous gases. All Mining Cable must be totally “mine-safe”.

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