What Isn’t Covered by Homeowners Insurance in Wichita, KS

A home often represents a significant investment by a home owner. With the likelihood that this investment could grow in the future, to say nothing about the practical aspect of having a roof over one’s head, the home is no doubt important and warrants the protection provided by a home insurance policy. The problem is, if a person purchases homeowners insurance in Wichita KS, it is far from a foregone conclusion that the policy they purchase is going to adequately protect their home.

A False Sense of Security

A homeowner can imagine all sorts of things happening to their home or the items inside of the home. Theft, fire, wind damage and especially in the Wichita area, tornadoes often come to mind as a possible issue that could cause damage to a home or loss of personal items inside the home. Unfortunately, just because a person has homeowners insurance doesn’t always mean that any event that causes loss or damage to the home is covered.

Flooding is Often Not Covered

While it is true that many common causes of damage are covered under most insurance policies, flooding, however, isn’t. Sadly, this is a common occurrence and the results of a plumbing issue or a weather related flooding event can be disastrous. The financial requirements to repair a house, especially one that has been significantly flooded may be more than the average homeowner can afford.

Getting a Separate Policy for Flood Protection

To this end, a homeowner may want to look for a flood insurance policy. This is generally a separate policy and while it is an extra expense, with the high likelihood most homes have for potential flooding in one way or another, it’s an expense worth paying.

Open Up an Existing Policy

In addition, if a person has restrictive Homeowners Insurance in Wichita KS, they may want to open up the coverage to include multiple options for structural and material damages or losses. Once again, this will typically raise the cost of the insurance policy, but the peace of mind it offers is well worth the price.

If you’re preparing to buy a home, or you feel your current home insurance policy doesn’t offer adequate protection, you may want to investigate better coverage. To learn more about home insurance and where you may need to upgrade your current policy, you would do well to visit Domain for more information.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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