What Kind of Problems Can a Pest Exterminator in Baltimore MD Manage?

Most homeowners know that the local Pest Exterminator in Baltimore MD can deal with common problems like mice or roaches. What they may not realize is that these same professionals can help with a number of other types of pest issues. Here are some of the most exotic situations that an exterminator can handle with ease.

Snakes in the House

Waking up to find a snake curled up in the toilet is not the best way to start the day. After securing the lid, the next action should be to call a Pest Exterminator in Baltimore MDfor help. Someone will be on the scene shortly to trap the reptile and remove it from the premises. While there, the professional can check for points of entry and possibly administer a treatment around the outside of the home that discourages further invasions.

Pesky Squirrels

Squirrels setting up housekeeping in the attic may not seem as bad as having rats, but they will cause a lot of the same damage. When left to their devices, they will rip into the insulation and leave quite a mess. The best approach is to have an exterminator come out and get rid of the pests. Along the way, the professional can provide some advice on what the homeowner can do to make access to the attic a little more difficult for these and other wild animals.


Termites can invade a home and cause a lot of damages before the homeowner realizes what is happening. For this reason, it pays to have an exterminator come out once a year and check the home for any signs of termite activity. If the pests are found to be present, the exterminator can administer treatments that get rid of them quickly. That makes it easier for the homeowner to call a contractor and take care of any damage done in the interim.

Whatever type of pest has gotten into the home, call the team at Atlas Exterminator Co. Inc. today. They can deploy a professional who is trained to deal with the infestation. In no time at all, the problem will be resolved, and things can get back to normal around the house.

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