What Powder Coating Services Can Do For You

If your company works with metal and steel products, the process of powder coating may be quite beneficial in setting you apart from the competition.

So what is powder coating? Powder coating is a chemical conversion process which is used almost exclusively on aluminum as well as aluminum alloys in order to improve the paint adhesion and to increase the resistance of the aluminum to corrosion. This is generally used as a pre-coating process. It is something generally used rather than paint finishes and can offer a great many benefits to your company and your products, not the least of which is that powder coating is significantly more environmentally friendly compared to paint coatings.

Powder Coating Services versus Paint Coating

While some companies consider paint coatings in lieu of powder coatings, paint coatings are actually a liquid finish which comes with inherent problems such as solvents and pollutants. These are commonly referred to as volatile organic compounds. Powder coating services are different in that the powder coating does not contain any of these solvents. This means that companies who turn to powder coating services rather than paint coating are actually more eco-friendly, something that can be proudly worn across the company logo and on product labels.

Benefits of Powder Coating Services

There are many benefits to powder coating services including:

* Powder coating makes your product look better
* Powder coating helps your product last longer
* Powder coating reduces your company’s environmental carbon footprint

Whether you are manufacturing bulldozers or a crib, powder coating services can offer a more durable and attractive finish, one which does not contain any harmful components.

The process of powder coating is in and of itself another advantage because of its pollution- free nature. Your company can turn to powder coating services to ensure no amounts of volatile compounds are released into the atmosphere as a result of your product manufacturing. What’s more, any unused powder or over-sprayed powder can be recovered and used in another process, effectively minimizing waste and ensuring safe and easy disposal.

It your company choose powder coatings you are helping to preserve the environment. With powder coating, your products will become resistant to negative impacts from chemicals, weather, moisture, and ultraviolet light. This reduces the risk of fading, abrasions, corrosion, chipping, or scratching. You can also reduce the amount of heat that your products absorb from the natural sunlight depending on the color you select for the coating. This is particularly useful if your products are intended to be outside and handled by people regularly.

So if your company wants to ensure returning customers due to high quality products, turn to a powder coating as the finishing touch on your aluminum or metal products. Contact Electro Polish Company for powder coating services.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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