What to Expect When Planning Cremation Services in Port Jefferson, NY

by | Sep 16, 2013 | Dentistry

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Whether you are fulfilling the wishes of a loved one, or have chosen cremation on their behalf, you may be surprised at cremation funeral arrangements. Cremation only refers to the way a body is disposed of, but does not rule out an elegant tribute to the deceased. As part of Cremation Services in Port Jefferson, NY, professionals offer many valuable services that help survivors, including:

* DESIGNING A CEREMONY: Cremation does not rule out the need for a memorial ceremony, which helps survivors begin to heal. It is also a chance for them to gather to honor the deceased. Funeral experts can arrange a viewing schedule, a ceremony, reception, catering, and more. They will tailor arrangements to their clients’ wishes. Once the body is cremated, they can bury it in a specially built niche at the cemetery, or in the ground. Some families take possession of the ashes, and then hold a ceremony at a later time.

* TAKING CARE OF DETAILS: All funeral arrangements begin with some basic steps, which can be confusing for grieving family and friends, but are easily handled by funeral experts. These professionals will pick up a body at the point of death, and then transport it to the funeral home. They will consult with survivors, and ensure that necessary paperwork is completed. This includes ordering the correct number of death certificates, which are needed for legal and business reasons. A funeral director will then discuss funeral arrangements.

* PROVIDING TRIBUTES: Funeral experts can offer many ways to honor the deceased after cremation in Port Jefferson. These can include printed programs, prayer cards, bookmarks, and more. They can assist the family to order flowers for a ceremony. Professionals can create a video tribute, or even a live webcast of the ceremony. They can also create a memorial website. Professionals will place elegant obituaries that honor the deceased.

Today many people choose cremation for themselves or loved ones. However, this does not rule out an elegant ceremony, or even a viewing. Funeral directors will help survivors design arrangements and tributes that honor the deceased. They can also offer the option to bury cremains or give them back to the family.

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