A Guide to Moving in Wilmington

Moving in Wilmington is a difficult task, but it is sometimes necessary. Residential moves should not be left to just anyone; people move each day, and quality moving services are in high demand. Before you start calling local movers, it can be stressful–clouding your judgment at the most inopportune time. Not all moving companies are the same, and not every company is professional and skilled. Some providers cut corners to save time and money, resulting in substandard work and potential losses.

If you’ve ever had a bad experience with a moving company, you’ll become very knowledgeable on the industry. However, the negative experience can make it difficult for you to ever consider hiring a mover again. There are many costly parts of a move, and by the time you think about hiring a company, you’re likely to be thinking of saving as much money as possible.

It’s a common misconception that the lowest-priced mover is the best way to save money on your relocation. However, a mover’s hourly rate is proportional to the quality of their service. In other words, you get what you pay for! If every mover provided quality service, a lower rate would be the determining factor.

If you can get past the stress caused by your move, you will probably realize how erroneous it is to assume that low-rate local moving companies can give you both affordability and quality service. Low rates can tell you something–that the company does not pay its laborers well, and that low pay will likely come through in the quality of the work.

Day laborers often work for low wages, and lack the experience and knowledge of a professional moving crew. These untrained laborers can make mistakes that cost thousands of dollars, and these low-rate companies are often uninsured.

If you haven’t moved yet, it’s not too late to make the right choice. Don’t let a higher hourly rate keep you from hiring the best available moving company, let it be an indicator of the quality of service. Hire a company that’s experienced, careful and works quickly–a high rate for a few hours of good help is preferable to a low rate for poor-quality service.


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