What To Include In Your BBQ Menu List For That Special Event

Having a barbecue is a fun way to entertain your friends, family, and other guests. While barbecues are meant to be interactive yet relaxed affairs, you can set the mood by deciding what kind of food to include in the menu. A little more thought and inspiration are needed to come up with a perfect BBQ menu for your wedding, birthday, corporate, or other special event. Of course, you have identified the venue to host the event and what you are looking into is to create a menu that is going to cater for everyone’s taste. You can work out things with help of a barbecue restaurant in Charleston, SC. So, what should be in the barbecue menu?

Great Meat Selection
It may be chicken, pork ribs, beef brisket, pulled pork, or sausage – your guests should like every part of your meat selection. There are favorites like chops, steak, burgers, or even mixed kebabs. For guests that aren’t fun of meat, probably fish can do well.

BBQ Rubs and Sauces
You want to add flavor and make the meat to be tender, so sauces should come in handy. Your barbecue catering restaurant will provide you a choice of sauces. If there is any favorite sauce you want included in the menu, make sure that you tell the chef. Again, you can ask for custom made sauces that you can use to marinade the meats.

Salads and Fruits
Your BBQ cannot be complete without salads and while you can have a variety of them, make sure that they feature lots of vegetables. Having vegetable-based salads helps complement the meats and can go a long way in aiding in digestion. Vegetable salads are great for many weight watchers, hence you should decide, which ones to include. You can grill bananas and pineapples, but other fruits may feature in dessert dishes. Fresh fruit salads are quite refreshing; don’t miss these out in the menu list.

A barbecue restaurant in Charleston, SC can help you come up with the perfect BBQ menu if you are hosting a special event.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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