What to Know When Doing Business With a Pawn Shop Charleston, SC

by | Sep 8, 2020 | roofing

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When people need access to cash quickly, two of the most common solutions are to either get a loan from a bank or from a family member. Both of those solutions can be uncomfortable and often times, not feasible. One option that many people over look is to sell jewelry to the most reputable pawn shop Charleston, SC has to offer. Here are some tips to help make first transaction a little smoother.

The first tip is to understand that pawn shop Charleston, SC typically are looking to purchase either gold or silver jewelry. Even if a piece of jewelry may look outdated, it might be well worth it to try to sell it to a pawn shop. If the pawn shop is unable to resell the item to a customer, they will melt the piece down for the value of the gold. The same will be true of the silver jewelry, but since silver is not as valuable as gold, pawn shops typically only buy it in large quantities.

The second tip is to make the jewelry as presentable as possible. This means that each piece should be properly cleaned and repaired if needed. Be very careful when cleaning jewelry for the purpose of selling it. There are many harsh cleaners that will tarnish or damage the gold, silver or stones in the jewelry. If there is every any question about how to clean a piece, it should be taken to a professional jewelry cleaner. The professionals will have the right cleaning solutions to shine up any piece without any damage.

Finally, the third tip is to be prepared for fluctuations in the offers made on the jewelry. The differences in prices is not because the shop is trying to pull some questionable deal. The differences are because the prices for gold and silver change daily. The best way to know what a fair offer will be is use the average price of gold or silver over the period of a week.

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