What to Look for in an Office Lease in Newnan

Sometimes, businesses offer services that you wouldn’t normally assume that they would. You wouldn’t necessarily think that the same company that offers storage space for individuals and for businesses would also have an Office Lease Newnan. Yet, this is sometimes an option, and one that is worth looking into. It’s all part of the property management business. Contact Greison Storage Mart today and ask about our move in specials

When you think about it, Office Lease Newnan makes sense. After all, clients lease storage units because it’s so much more economical to rent a storage room each month than it is to build onto their home or office building. Even if they have the budget for it, they may not have the space or the zoning approval. Storage units are clean, secure, and professionally managed. It’s the same for renting an office space.

Customers should look for an Office Lease option in a high-visibility area Newnan. You will need to be in a part of town that your potential customers won’t see as out of the way or too far out. If the property management company lets you have sign-age on the side of the building or on a separate sign close to the roadway, location is especially important for walk-in business. Your business needs to be visible not just from people driving by, but it should also stand out and attract attention from other nearby restaurants, businesses, and stores. The building’s exterior should look professional. It should look like an office building. It should present a professional atmosphere and look safe, such as an office park setting.

Inside, the square footage matters, too, because a cluttered interior hinders your productivity and doesn’t look professional to your clients. A professional presentation is everything, and impressed customers will advertise for you through word of mouth. If you need 1,400 square feet, that should be available, or the property management company should be willing to do a build-out for you. The office should be set up to access all needed utilities, with plenty of electrical outlets and circuitry to handle all of your office equipment and plenty of phone jacks. It should be set up for a high-speed internet connection, too.

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