What You Can Expect from Beginning to End When You’re Getting Dentures Tulsa

by | Jan 2, 2014 | Dentistry

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Though dentures are designed to function like real teeth, those who need them or are thinking about getting a set may have a lot of questions about what the procedure is really like. If you are considering replacing your natural teeth with dentures, here is what you can expect from the process:

Phase I: Preparation

Before you get your new dentures, you’ll need to make sure that any serious dental issues have been resolved, including the extraction of any remaining teeth. There may be up to a six month waiting period as the dentist waits for your gums to recede. If it’s possible, your dentist may provide you with temporary dentures during this time.

Phase II: Fitting

Once your dental problems have been taken care of, your dentist will begin fitting you for your new dentures. He or she will take an impression of your mouth by creating a putty cast. This will help them assess both of your jawbones (upper and lower) and measure the space between them. Your dentist will then have a preliminary set of dentures created so that they can ensure that it fits correctly. After you find a good fit with the wax cast, the necessary adjustments are made before the dentist sends the cast back to a specialist in order to have the final version created.

Phase III: Maintenance

It’s important for you to be aware that living with dentures will take some adjustment on your part. You may have some discomfort or other issues at first, but your dentist will make sure to follow up with you so that any serious issues are corrected as soon as possible. Also be aware that you may have to get your dentures realigned or remade every couple of years as you experience wear and tear and changes in your bone development.

Your experience with dentures will depend heavily on the quality of the materials used to create your dentures and the caliber of the dentist fitting you for the dentures. If you want an excellent dental care experience from beginning to end, speak with a professional at Carletti Dentistry & Associates a call. You’ll be able to get answers to your most pressing questions about Dentures Tulsa as you begin your journey toward creating the smile of your dreams.

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