What You Can Uncover with a Cheating Husband Investigation in NJ

There’s no worse feeling in the world than the thought your husband may have turned to someone else to meet his needs instead of coming to you. Because of the sensitivity of dealing with a cheating husband, it is often best to bring in someone who isn’t close to you for a cheating husband investigation in NJ. While you may be able to look for evidence on your own, a private investigator can find even more evidence.

Cell Phone Records

Cell phones are often a tool used by those who are cheating to keep in touch with each other. If your spouse is suddenly hiding his cell phone from you or the activity has been cleared from the phone itself, it may be time to look into things further. Another sign of suspicion could be if your spouse has locked you out of accessing the cell phone account, especially if you were allowed in the past. A private investigator will be able to dig up these records for you, though, allowing you to see who he has been keeping in touch with.

Computer Use

Many men look for women online with whom to cheat or they communicate with their mistress via email. A good cheating husband investigation in NJ will take a close look at your husband’s computer and determine if he has been using it as a way to communicate with other women. Even if you aren’t able to provide your husband’s computer for inspection, the investigator may still be able to check into his email or find online accounts you weren’t aware of.


One of the best ways to catch a man in the act is to hire someone to perform visual surveillance on him. The investigator will track his movements and catch him in the act of cheating on you with another woman. Through this process, he will be able to obtain pictures for you so you can get the solid proof you need to either confront your husband or use it as a bargaining chip in your divorce case.

Confronting your husband about his cheating before you have the right proof can be a disaster, especially if he isn’t cheating after all. This is why you need to hire someone for a cheating husband investigation NJ if you suspect he may be unfaithful to you. Through this investigation, you will gain access to his cell phone records, his computer history and possibly even photos that catch him in the act, helping you decide what to do for your future.

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