What You Need to Know about Duck Hunt Texas License

If you want to go on a duck hunt Texas trip, you need to know that Texas requires everybody who wishes to hunt birds or game to have a license. Whether you are a resident of Texas or a non-resident, you must obtain a license from the department of park and wildlife. You may also purchase a stamp endorsement for a specialized activity such as migratory bird or archery hunting.

Outfitters and guides are also required to have commercial licenses. Before you obtain a license, you must complete a training course for hunters successfully. Nine years is the minimum age that you must attain to be a certified hunter. If you are above 17 years, you can take the training course online.

Non-residents vs. Residents

Both non-residents and residents get hunting stamps endorsements and licenses in Texas. However, all applicants are required to provide their social security numbers in order to get stamp endorsements and licenses.

Residents refer to individuals who have been living in Texas for over six months before obtaining the hunting license. Members of the active duty sector and those who depend on them while residing in Texas can also buy their licenses anywhere.

To prove residency, Texas hunters are required to provide three of these license requirements for Texas hunters:

* A valid driver’s license registered in Texas

* A current driver’s license

* A current voter certificate

* A current vehicle registration

* A current tax statement for a homestead property

* Utility bills of at least six months

* Paycheck stubs of the previous six months

* Tax return on income of the recent months

* A probation officer’s or parole board’s letter proving your Texas residency for the past six months

Those without three of these documents are considered as non-residents. This implies that they are charged more for stamp endorsements and licenses.

Purchase location and price of licenses

Duck hunt Texas licenses can be acquired in about 1,700 locations in this state. These locations include gun shops, tackle and bait stores, sporting apparel stores, discount stores, grocery stores and departmental stores among others. For residents, licenses are sold at $25 and for youth $7. A youth is a hunter aged 16 years and below while seniors are hunters aged 65 years and above. Non-residents pay $315 to get a hunting license. You can also use a debit or credit card to purchase your hunting license online.

Obtaining duck hunt Texas licenses might be challenging but it is the only way to keep this sport legal. The license gives you peace of mind during your hunting trip. Click here to know more.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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